Episode 42 - "The Loved Ones" / 31 Day Movie Challenge Update

The Frightastic Four slow their roll as they wind down their 31 Days of Horror movie challenge. Then they enjoy frightening flashbacks of their own high-school proms as they dance their way through "The Loved Ones."

BONUS EPISODE - Prairie Lights Film Festival 2018

The guys from Midnight Fright Films spent the weekend at the 2018 Prairie Lights Film Festival, an event that celebrates Nebraska filmmakers. They had the chance to sit down with the festival staff and several directors/filmmakers to talk about their films and their love of the craft.

Guests include: Mat Kister, Mark Popejoy, Benito Garcia, Kat Walsh, Peter O'Brien, Ben Matukewicz, Tom Knoblauch, Jeremy Lebash, and Logan Davis.

Episode 41 - "House on Willow Street" / Favorite Sub-Genre Films

The Frightastic Four break down the Horror genre and share with each other their favorite films from a select group of popular sub-genres, and then go on a tour of homes as they visit the "House on Willow Street".

Episode 40 - "Murder Party" / What Horror Films Have Taught Us

The Frightastic Four go back to school and talk about the lessons that they have learned from watching horror films, and then decide to blow off some steam as they RSVP their review of "Murder Party".

Episode 39 - "Terrifier" / 20 Questions of Horror

It's kind of a circus in the MFC basement studio as the Frightastic Four discuss what they've been watching, answer 20 Questions of Horror, and then get to know Art the Clown as they review the slasher flick, "Terrifier".

Episode 38 - "Frankenstein's Army" / True Event Horror Films

The Frightastic Four attempt to hit you with some facts as they explore horror films that were "based" on true events, and then take you back in time to WWII as they dissect and reanimate "Frankenstein's Army".

Episode 37 - "The Collector" / Best Ending Scenes

The MFC-Four once again bring their vocal stylings to the basement studio as they discuss their favorite horror movie endings, take a look at another trailer, and check out a new horror streaming service, Screambox, as they review the movie "The Collector".

Episode 36 - "High Tension" / New Co-Host / Best Opening Scenes

The MFC is super-excited to introduce our new co-host, Maddy, as we sit down to discuss our favorite horror movie opening scenes and then review (and try to make sense of the plot holes in) "Hight Tension".

Episode 35 - "Last Shift" / Trailer Review - "Glass"

The boys bring their vocal talents back to the MFC microphones once again as they talk about what they've been watching, review the trailer for "Glass", and dissect (and surprisingly all agree upon) the 2015 straight to video flick "Last Shift". Plus, a big announcement!

Episode 34 - "Tragedy Girls" / Horror Film Clich├ęs / Trailer Review - "14 Cameras"

Greg once again returns to the basement studio to join Josh and Patrick as they dissect the good, the bad, and the ugly of Horror Film Cliches. They also share their reactions to the trailer for "14 Cameras" as well as review the slasher comedy "Tragedy Girls".

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